Steve Overman preaching on a Sunday morning at Eugene Faith Center, a Foursquare Church

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The Beginning of the Good News #6: Faith

Sunday, March 12th 2017

Steve Overman
The Beginning of the Good News

We look over five passages in the Book of Mark on the topic of faith, one of the main themes of the Bible. It is central to our salvation and is extremely powerful. We make note of some of what Mark passes on to us, and Steve offers some practical wisdom that we can use in our lives. Read more.

Our Testimonies

Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Tyler Nice

When God does something remarkable in our lives it's an opportunity for us to add to our testimony. We read a familiar story and miracle of when Jesus feeds thousands in John 6 and explore how God is at work in our lives and how these events add to our story. Read more.

Kids’ Sunday

Sunday, March 5th 2017

Jannine Johnson

On this special morning Jannine Johnson is joined by a few kids from our congregation to tell the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the three people thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, when they refused to bow down to the king's image as seen in Daniel chapter 3. Read more.

The U.S. Constitution - Part Two

Sunday, February 19th 2017

Tyler Nice

In session two, we explore the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution throughout the years and how the debate continues on today. Read more.

The U.S. Constitution Class - Part One

Sunday, February 12th 2017

Tyler Nice

In session one, we explored the history leading up to the Constitutional Convention and how that history had an impact on the content of the Constitution. Read more.

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