Mental Health and COVID-19

Following are some helpful resources and information related to personal mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interview with Jackie Hudson

A local Therapist in our church, Jackie Hudson, did a short interview with Pastor Steve about how to stay healthy during this time of heightened anxiety and social separation. She also wrote up a helpful piece for her patients that you can access through the link below.

“Corona Virus and Safety”- Jackie Hudson

Interview with Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank, director of leadership development for the Foursquare MidSouth, Pacific Southwest and Central Pacific Districts, did a short interview with Pastor Steve about what to expect when navigating a prolonged crisis.

Interview with Kevin Lemieux

Pastor George interviews Kevin Lemieux, a licensed professional counselor and member of our church, about anxiety and depression that we’re all facing during this time of coronavirus.