True and False Prophecy

Sunday, February 24, 4:00pm - 6:00pm 2019

Family Center

How can you tell true and false prophets apart? The best way is to watch them both doing their work. What do they say? How do they construct a case for or against something? Using the crisis Israel faced during the time of Jeremiah, Dr. Delamarter will lead us in an examination of the differences between the true and false prophets at the time- who both spoke in the name of the Lord.

You may be surprised at what these false prophets say; and you will certainly be surprised and challenged by what the true prophets say. We will come away with wisdom to help guide us in our lives.

A longtime Old Testament professor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, year in and year out, Steve is one of the students’ favorite lecturers. Come and enjoy his presentation as he leads us in this investigation of true and false prophecy in the Old Testament.

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  • Steve Overman
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