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Bible Course

This course is a do-it-yourself, online adaptation of one I originally offered in our church in 1991. It consists of:

A. Reading Guides and Exercises
B. Skeletal Discussion Notes
C. Additional Helps and Charts

The Reading Guide and Exercises are to be used in conjunction with an Atlas and a Bible Dictionary, or help like Halley’s Bible Handbook. Study Bibles tend to be too doctrinal, although the Oxford Study Bible (RSV) is good and usually available used at Smith Family Bookstore.

Some suggestions for Bible Dictionaries include:

Halley’s (really a little handbook)
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
New Bible Dictionary
Harper’s Bible
Others are multi-volume

The materials are designed to help you read through the Bible and gain a basic knowledge of the Bible by thoughtfully reading it for yourself.

I hope it’s a blessing.

Steve Overman

Class Materials

1. Introduction and Orientation

2. Pentateuch

3. Historical Books

4. Prophets

5. New Testament