Christmas Devotions Week 3 image

Christmas Devotions Week 3


“Is it Christmas yet?” This a question my kids will ask on a daily basis this time of year. The anticipation and longing to open presents and experience all the other joys of Christmas morning is almost too much for them to handle, so they keep asking… and waiting… and hoping maybe time will somehow speed up and make Christmas get here a little quicker.The first Christmas was also full of a lot of waiting for gifts. The messages to Zechariah and Mary were full of blessing and hopefulness - “Your prayers have been heard.” “You are highly favored.” - but also more waiting. Sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever for God’s good gifts to be seen in our lives. Sometimes the wait feels too long and anticipation and hopefulness can turn to frustration and discouragement.

Gabriel encouraged both Zechariah and Mary to a posture of trust and faith in their period of waiting for the “appointed time (v.20).” Elizabeth commended Mary for her belief that God’s promises would be fulfilled in her life (v.45). May we also have the courage to stay hopeful even when the wait is so difficult because, “No word from God will ever fail (v.37)!”


God, thank you for the many promises that you’ve made. We trust that none of your promises will ever fail. But sometimes the waiting is very hard. We are tired of waiting. We long to see your kingdom come. We long to see your will be done on earth. Today, in the midst of our waiting, help us to trust that your timing is perfect. In the midst of our waiting, help us to live with confidence that new life is being created by the Holy Spirit in us and around us even when we can’t fully comprehend it. Amen.


Take some time this week to read the songs/prayers of Mary and Zechariah (Luke 1:46-55, 67-79) and name/list some of God’s promises that are presented there. Reflect on what it would mean for you to actively trust one these promises this week.

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