Christmas Devotions Week 2 image

Christmas Devotions Week 2


December in Eugene is often overcast, rainy, foggy, cold and… dark. It’s dark late in the morning, and gets dark early in the evening. It can be discouraging. That is why Christmas lights bring me such joy—they are light in the darkness. Our verses for reflection today all have to do with light in darkness. At Creation, God speaks light. Isaiah has a great messianic vision about Christ the light that dawned, and the Apostle John declares that Jesus is the light that shines in the darkness. The real struggles that we see in our the world and that at times we face in our lives can be discouraging and can make things seem dark. Yet, we are reminded at Christmas-time there is Light in our world and Light in our lives and “the darkness has not overcome it.”


Jesus, light of the nations and light of our lives—shine in all of our darkness and illumine the path so that we may walk in your ways of joy, peace, love and righteousness. Amen.


Think of one area in our world or in your circumstance that seems dark and imagine what it would be like for the light of Christ to shine in that area—what difference would that make?The Apostle Paul says in Philippians 2 that we are like lights in the midst of a dark world. Each day this week discover a simple way that you can brighten someone else’s day.

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