Christmas Devotions Week 1 image

Christmas Devotions Week 1


Have you ever been minding your business and been interrupted by something out of the ordinary? The Shepherds were interrupted right in the middle of the evening shift. Shepherds are talked about a lot in the Bible—Moses became a shepherd, David learned his skills for battle and oversight by being a shepherd, Psalm 23 says the Lord is our Shepherd and, of course, Jesus calls himself the good shepherd. We can be thankful the Lord is keeping watch over his sheep! These shepherds heard this incredible announcement: great joy for all people, a Savior, and the Messiah. And the sign of all these great things…pampers! A baby lying in a manger. It’s amazing that then these shepherds said, “Let us now go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has come to pass, which the Lord has made known to us.” They could have just talked with one another about how great it was to see angels. They could have just had a great story to tell the “Bethlehem News” or something to share with their grandkids. They could have debated among themselves what it all meant and tried to completely understand it, or they could have slept on it. But they went to Jerusalem. They responded. This seems to be the way of discipleship—we receive a message from the Lord either from Scripture or from a friend or something in our heart and then we respond. We hear the call—we follow; we receive a revelation—we pick up our cross; we hear the command—we love. There’s the hearing, then the doing. These amazing shepherds remind us of that. During this Christmas-time, may you be hearing wonderful messages and join the spirit of the shepherds and go to Bethlehem.


Lord, we pray that in the busyness and bustle of work, family, friends and shopping that we could hear Your still small voice, and that as we hear You we would be faithful to respond like the shepherds of old. Amen.


What is one way today that you can respond to the things you believe the Lord has been speaking to you?

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