Welcome Letter

A note from Pastor Steve

Steve and Tana Overman
Steve and Tana Overman

I’m so happy you stopped by the website and hope you’ll find something interesting or helpful here. And I would love it if you wanted to come and visit the church sometime. Ever since I’ve been a part of our church I’ve heard people say, “It’s all about relationship.” So here at the church it’s been our desire to be a place where we can all find nurture and empowerment that can help us connect with God and one another in more healthy and enjoyable ways. Then, together with God and one another we can pray and work to see God’s kingdom come in greater and richer ways here on earth.

To help us grow toward those ends we gather together on the weekend to share in worship, prayer, study and a modest amount of “family business.” Throughout the week we share life together, learning, playing and serving together in ways that hopefully can be a true blessing to ourselves and our world.

If you interested in getting a greater sense of the life of the church you can browse through this website, come visit a worship service or leave us a note at