Church Overview

In 1952 a small group of people led by a man named Walter Huss founded the Eugene Foursquare church, housed in a small building they built and which still remains on 18th and Cleveland. In 1972, under the leadership of Roy Hicks, Jr., the church moved to its current location at 13th Ave and Polk.

Today, Eugene Faith Center continues to enjoy its geographical location in the heart of Eugene as it seeks to serve as a resource church to the city and surrounding community. In the Gospels we often see Jesus welcoming, receiving, and embracing all kinds of people with wonderful, powerful effects. For our church, welcome is not just a polite custom, but a powerful proclamation of the Gospel: As God, through Jesus, has welcomed each of us, we also warmly welcome one another as we seek to follow the Way of Jesus together.

Eugene Faith Center is part of a larger church family, a denomination known as the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. To read more about the history and teachings of the Foursquare church, you can go to