Sunday, March 18

Week Five - John 9:1-12


Read John 9:1-12


The other night I came home to a dark house. No lights were on inside or outside. Fumbling around at the front door I found my cell phone with its flashlight and with one click “tada!” ~ there was light. I could see. And I sure was grateful for that.

In our passage this week, Jesus encounters a man who had been in darkness his whole life. He was blind from birth. The common belief at the time was that physical ailments were the result of God’s judgment for sin. Because of that, this man would have been ostracized by the religious community and marginalized by the rest of society. We can only imagine the shame and pain he experienced. The question was, did the man sin or was his blindness the result of his parents’ sin? Jesus addressed the misconceptions behind that question by answering “neither.” He saw clearly that this man’s blindness was an opportunity for God to do something good in and through his life. So he healed him.

We all have places in our lives where we experience darkness. Places we hide from others, blind spots we don’t see, wounds that come from being misunderstood. Things that cause us shame and pain. God desires that we would receive light so we can experience the fullness of his love and freedom. Healing from our blindness is available to us in the same way it was available to the blind man, through Jesus, the “light of the world.”


Jesus, thank you for knowing and loving me. I confess that I’m blind in so many ways. Please bring your light into my life. Show me things I can’t see, mend my wounded heart, bring clarity to places that I’ve viewed through the misperceptions of others. Expose areas of darkness so I can be healed and set free. Light of the world, I trust in you. Amen.


Take time this week to examine your life. Ask God to help you see any hidden areas or unhealthy attitudes, behaviors or ways of thinking. Identify assumptions that may be keeping you in the dark. Be honest about your pain and shame. Let God bring light to places where you need healing. Receive his love and grace.​