40 Days 2019 Week #2

Sunday, March 17

40 Days 2019 Week #2 - Seeing God’s miraculous provision in the good, lasting and durable things we already have. - Deuteronomy 8:1-18


I had a car in grad school that was twenty years old and still incredibly reliable. It was not pretty to look at – the paint was all worn and chipping, the trim all faded – but that car never had any mechanical issues. It just went and went. I remember being so frustrated with how bad it looked one day that I said to myself, “I wish this car would hurry up and break down so I can get something new!” Now, ten years later, I look back on the durability of that car with such gratitude, but in the moment, it was difficult for me to see it that way.

On the edge of the Jordan River, in preparation for going in to occupy the promised land, Moses calls the people to “remember the long way that the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness (v.2).” He knew that remembering His sustaining presence on the journey would help keep their hearts humble and soft as they entered a new land (v.14, 17). One of the things they are told to remember was how the clothes on their back did not wear out and their feet did not swell during those forty years (v.4). Sometimes the greatest miracle that God can give us is one of durability and sustainability, not of newness. Instead of a new set of clothes or a shorter walk, God helped the things they had to last much longer than they ever could have expected so that they could complete the journey. As with Israel, we can see God’s miraculous provision in our lives not only in giving us new things, but in making and keeping the good things we already have to be lasting and durable.


Thank you, God, that you are not only the author and giver of new things, but the one who also shields, protects and strengthens old things. Please help me to recognize and receive your gifts of strength, endurance and durability for the things that you have called me to today. Amen.


Focus on reuse and sustainability this week by:

  • Continuing to use something that you would normally replace by allowing it to suffice or putting it to good use in some other way.
  • Actively taking care for or maintaining something good in your life (a habit, a relationship, a possession)