40 Days 2020 Week 2 image

40 Days 2020 Week 2

[SCRIPTURE] Mark 9:2-8


What’s the best hike you’ve ever been on? Could you imagine being invited to strap on your Birkenstocks and go on a hike up a mountain in Galilee with Jesus and just two other people? And then the hike is transformed beyond anything you could imagine. Jesus is transfigured right before your eyes and his clothes become indescribably white and he’s standing there talking with Moses and Elijah! As if that’s not enough then you hear a booming voice from the clouds, “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to Him!”

With all of this going on, can you relate to Peter saying something like, “It’s never going to get any better than this, let’s just hang out here for a long time”? There is something in us as humans that wants to capture and hold onto really great experiences. We want to tweet it, snap it, put it on Facebook and let everyone see it. That’s fine. But experiences are not meant to be an end in and of themselves, we remember so that we can embrace and be transformed, not so that we can stay in the same place. These experiences with God prepare or strengthen or heal so that we can move forward in partnership with God’s kingdom.

And to move forward there are two great reminders in this passage. First, remember that you are a deeply loved daughter or son of God. Jesus heard those words at his baptism before he began his ministry and now again as he prepares to go to the cross. We too, need to hear these words every day for the things we are facing. Secondly, the last three words from the cloud are very profound: “Listen to him!” As Christians, we are called to be a listening people. But listening is not necessarily our strong suit. In these days, leading up to Easter, it’s wise for us to set us aside some of the noise of this world and…listen to him. Listen to God in the scripture readings, listen to God in creation, listen to God through your community and listen to him in that still small voice in your heart!


“Lord, like the disciples, may we behold and be transformed by your glory. And in preparation for Easter may we have listening hearts and be reminded daily that we are deeply loved children of God. And may all of this lead us to have a deeper and richer love for our neighbors and for the world.” Amen

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