40 Days 2020 Week 4 image

40 Days 2020 Week 4

[SCRIPTURE] Mark 11:1-10


After a long, challenging and often exhausting journey, Jesus and the disciples arrived at Jerusalem. The time had come for Jesus to enter into the city and the ultimate destiny that awaited him. Though he alone would encounter the cross, many others participated in this leg of his journey. Some acted with intentionality while the actions of others were spontaneous. Each used what they had available to take part in the great entry celebration……the disciples followed Jesus’ instruction with obedience and trust…

…the owner of the colt let Jesus borrow his prized possession…

…the disciples laid their clothes on the colt and the crowds laid theirs on the ground…

…the people cut branches and spread them on the road…

As Jesus humbly entered into their midst, all who were present lifted up their voices to worship…

“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the kingdom
of our father David that comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”

Together, the crowd helped prepare the way for the One who Saves to enter into their lives, their community, and ultimately all of humanity in a surprising and powerful way. Together they helped welcome God’s kingdom in deeper and fuller dimensions. Together they were given the privilege and the opportunity to participate in the unfolding plan of God’s salvation through His Son Jesus.

It seems safe to say that God is always doing more in us, through us, and around us than we are able to perceive. We can be encouraged that though we may not fully see or understand God’s unfolding plan, we all have the opportunity to participate in it. When we’re willing to trust and follow Jesus with an open and obedient heart, surprising things can happen. At times we get to respond on our own, but even then we’re not alone. Jesus is with us and we share in the journey of faith with one another. Together we can welcome God’s kingdom in greater fullness and lift our voices to worship our Savior.


Lord, thank you for loving us and including us in welcoming your kingdom in our days. Help us to be open to how you might want to use us or the resources you’ve given us to partner with your will and purposes. Remind us that though we may respond on our own, we share your mission together. Give us the grace to lift our voices in worship and praise this week. Amen.

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